UX Quiz: an online heuristic evaluation

Get a sense of your app’s usability with this free heuristic evaluation tool

In today’s crowded market of software, the usability, or ease of use of your application, plays a vital role in the uptake and therefore the success of that app.

Do you know what the usability of your current system or application is?

Find out with this simple UX tool based on the principles of Jakob Nielsen, a User Advocate researcher and designer known as “the world’s leading expert on user-friendly design.” Nielsen’s world-renowned principles are called the “10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design” and they help you assess the user’s eye-view of your system and evaluate its performance and usability.

In this tool you can evaluate your app’s usability in a quick and practical way, in order to start measuring how usable your system really is.

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