The benefits of having a Product Discovery Phase with your dev team

How a Product Discovery phase can help your business

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In the software development industry, it’s really common that clients approach development agencies like ours with a product they want to create. However, sometimes these ideas involve a huge product or sometimes a smaller one, but it still has some undefined aspects; for example uncertainties about its potential users, its functionalities, monetization strategy, etc. which can make the estimation process difficult.

While still defining all of the elements of the desired product, we find it a good practice to bring together different roles to concretize and better the product idea before embarking on a whole project. A benefit that the client and dev team will get from this phase is that they can define a baseline with which they’ll compare if the product is accomplishing everything that was expected of it from the beginning.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you what the Discovery process is all about and why it is essential for a successful software development project.

What is a Product Discovery phase?

Learn all about it in the original blog post on Product Discovery here!

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