The Top Tech Conferences in 2019

8 insightful conferences for CTOs that you should attend in 2019

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Never stop learning — it’s a reliable piece of career advice that’s applicable no matter what field you work in. As a CTO of UruIT, a nearshore development agency, I’ve seen first-hand how being a lifelong learner can lead to exciting opportunities for me and for my company. In my experience, attending conferences with my peers is a crucial way to continue learning and achieving important goals.

In an ever-changing industry, conferences help me stay up to date with the newest trends and innovations. They provide the opportunity to receive expert guidance on managing technical teams and learn about best practices for hiring (and retaining) talented developers, engineers, and designers. Conferences have also proven to be a key part of my professional growth, helping me hone and maintain my technical skills. Perhaps most importantly, these events are of indispensable value for networking, because there’s nothing like face-to-face interaction when it comes to forging strong professional relationships.

If you’re a CTO, I highly recommend attending a conference for all of the above reasons. But how do you wade through the long list of tech conferences and find the events most relevant to your professional needs? I’ve got you covered: here’s my list of top conferences for CTOs to attend in 2019. Visit the link and get to know them!

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