Nearshoring to Uruguay and Colombia

What are they like?

Quote from the original article:

For two years I’ve worked for UruIT and it’s been an interesting journey learning more about the South America software outsourcing world. One of the perks of this experience is having the opportunity to learn more about other cultures. From our offices in Colombia and Uruguay in Latin America we provide services primarily to US startups and corporations. Quite a mix, right? To add to this cultural diversity, I’m from yet another country, Brazil.

It’s been almost five years since I moved to Montevideo, and recently a teammate and I had the chance to visit UruIT’s other office in Medellín. In both of our centers we speak the same language (Spanish, but with different accents), work basically the same hours (Colombia and Uruguay are in close time zones) and we share other lifestyle and cultural traits. However, about 4,000 miles separate Uruguay and Colombia. The distance and their different histories allow each one to have unique characteristics as well as some similarities.

In this post, I’d like to share some of the cultural features that have struck me the most from both countries. Also, I’ll tell you some of the aspects that our US clients have found the most interesting about them.

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