How we launched a new website working as a distributed team

Our own tips based on a distributed team experience

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At UruIT, we are all about distributed teams. Of course, as a nearshore development company, we have to stand for this form of work and create the best environment for boosting our remote teams’ capabilities. Our main goal is to deliver high-quality software development services to our US clients. So, instead of being an obstacle, working remote is often an opportunity.

As we put our money where our mouth is, we also form distributed teams internally to tackle projects for our own needs in Uruguay, like for marketing, for example. Actually, since April, I’ve been part of a distributed team experience for redesigning UruIT’s website (that you can see right now, we’re live!).

As the marketer responsible for this project, I spent the last few months working side by side with a Product Owner, developers, designers, and other types of roles for building our brand new website. Part of the team was based in our offices in Uruguay and part of it was remote. Some team members worked 100% remotely. At the same time, others would come to the office occasionally for meetings or work hours and some were here at all times.

In the original blog post, I’d like to share more about this distributed work project. You will read about our challenges, and tips for finding success with a distributed team, based on our experience.

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