Going Back to the Basics: Agile Values

Key takeaways from Ágiles Colombia 2019

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Sharing part of an article a colleague published about her process of reconnecting with the Agile values. The original post can be found here: Going Back to the Basics: Agile Values.

Last month I had the opportunity of attending “Ágiles Colombia”, the Colombian Conference on Agile frameworks that draws in attendees from all over Latin America. Typical of the Agile world, the conference had an open space format, one in which anyone can propose a talk and the schedule is self-organized.

After hearing all the proposals and elevator-pitches, I was more drawn to the talks that were related to soft skills and Agile values rather than the technical ones. Maybe it was because I was going through some changes in my personal life and I also needed to reconnect with my inner Agile values. So I ended up attending some talks that aimed at the “Being” instead of the “Doing”. I think that the ideas and perspectives are worth sharing, so that is what I’ll share with you in this post.

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