Bridging the Gap with SaaStr

Highlights from an online summit focused on SaaS companies

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My team and I were greatly anticipating attending and sponsoring SaaStr Annual 2020, but long story short, the conference turned into a virtual summit, which we’ve been watching at home.

We wanted to share some of our favorite tidbits so far, because we could all use a little help, right?
…And, they make some really great points:

Several speakers mentioned to consider promoting a freemium model during these times.

If you focus on getting more users, albeit free, you’ll be in a much better position to sell when the economy strengthens.

Don’t be afraid to build something now. It IS possible to get funding if you make something that solves a real need as Cloudflare founder, Michelle Zatlyn, learned in 2008: “Don’t throw money into the problem, let’s innovate our way around the problem.”

Intercom’s SVP of Marketing, Shane Murphy-Reuter, noted it’s important not to be tone-deaf these days. So, talk with your customers to know what their needs are now and prioritize your product’s improvement from there.

Don’t want your sales pitch to sound opportunistic?
Atlassian and SaaStr execs suggest acknowledging the situation but make it relevant as to why you’re reaching out.

More in this LinkedIn article.

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